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[rdo-list] Recent blog posts (July 12, 2016)

I was a few weeks behind on the recent blog posts update, so there's a
LOT of great stuff in here. We also have a new addition to the list of
bloggers - Carlos Camacho - who is blogging at http://www.anstack.com/

Who is Testing Your Cloud? by Maria Bracho

With test driven development, continuous integration/continuous
deployment and devops practices now the norm, most organizations
understand the importance of testing their applications.

… read more at http://tm3.org/7k

Clearing the Keystone Environment By Adam Young

If you spend a lot of time switching between different cloud, different
users, or even different projects for the same user when working with
openstack, you’ve come across the problem where one environment variable
from an old sourceing pollutes the current environment. I’ve been hit by
that enough times that I wrote a small script to clear the environment.

Read more at http://tm3.org/7l

Connecting from your local machine to the TripleO overcloud horizon
dashboard by Carlos Camacho

The goal of this post is to show how to chain multiple ssh tunnels to
browse into the horizon dashboard, deployed in a TripleO environment.

… read more at http://tm3.org/7m

Improving the RDO Trunk infrastructure by Javier Pena

Quite often, projects tend to to outgrow their initial expectations, and
in those cases we face issues as they grow. This has been the case with
our RDO Trunk repositories and the DLRN tool that builds them.

… read more at http://tm3.org/7n

TripleO manual deployment of 'master' branch by Carlos Comacho

This is a brief recipe about how to manually install TripleO in a remote
32GB RAM box.

… read more at http://tm3.org/7o

Launching a Centos VM in Tripleo Overcloud by Adam Young

My Overcloud deploy does not have any VM images associates with it. I
want to test launching a VM.

… read more at http://tm3.org/7p

Red Hat Summit in Review by Rich Bowen

Despite my best intentions of blogging every day at Red Hat Summit, time
got away from me, as it often does at these events. There’s always 3
things going on, and it’s hard to find a moment between that first cup
of coffee, and stumbling into bed at the end of the night.

… read more at http://tm3.org/7q

Openstack & TripleO deployment using Inlunch by Carlos Camacho

Today I’m going to speak about the first Openstack installer I used to
deploy TripleO. Inlunch, as its name aims it should make you “Get an
Instack environment prepared for you while you head out for lunch.”

… read more at http://tm3.org/7r

Networking sessions in Red Hat Summit 2016 by Nir Yechiel

I recently attended the Red Hat Summit 2016 event that took place at San
Francisco, CA, on June 27-30. Red Hat Summit is a great place to
interact with customers, partners, and product leads, and learn about
Red Hat and the company’s direction.

… read more at http://tm3.org/7s

Merging FreeIPA and Tripleo Undercloud Apache installs by Adam Young

My Experiment yesterday left me with a broken IPA install. I aim to fix

… read more at http://tm3.org/7t

Tokens without revocation by Adam Young

PKI tokens in Keystone suffered from many things, most essentially the
trials due to the various forms of revocation. I never wanted revocation
in the first place. What could we have done differently? It just (I mean
moments ago) came to me.

… read more at http://tm3.org/7u

Liveness by Adam Young

The term Liveness here refers to the need to ensure that the data used
to make an authorization check is valid at the time of the check.

… read more at http://tm3.org/7v

TripleO Deep dive sessions #1 (Quickstart deployment) by Carlos Camacho

This is the first video from a series of “Deep Dive” sessions related to
TripleO deployments.

… read more at http://tm3.org/7w

Rich Bowen - rbowen redhat com
RDO Community Liaison

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