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[rdo-list] TripleO UI Packaging Strategy

Hey everyone - we are trying to think about our packaging strategy for
the TripleO UI and would like some feedback.  Feel free to yell
regarding the details as this is high priority.

The plan:

1.) Create a spec file for the RPM that includes the pre-compiled
(minified, production ready) javascript application.
2.) Push new repository to review RDO repositories
3.) Have people review said package here:
4.) Add info to
5.) Package appears in trunk delorean

We talked a little and we are thinking that the UI will be able to be
installed without the dependency of mistral and zaqar since those are
connected services rather than binary dependencies.

We are going to try that as a first pass and then iterate.

We are targeting next week for this work and already have the beginning
of #1, so I am confident we'll be able to begin iterating on the
packaging setup.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Jason E. Rist
Senior Software Engineer
OpenStack User Interfaces
Red Hat, Inc.
openuc: +1.972.707.6408
mobile: +1.720.256.3933
Freenode: jrist
github/twitter: knowncitizen

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