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Re: [rdo-list] tripelo installation

On 07/17/2016 10:47 AM, Dotan, Alon wrote:
> Few questions about tripleo:
> I got a requirement from my boss to create a production environment of
> openstack, usually I’m using packstack since he is very easy and robust
> installer,
> The issue is that the repos of the release kept for 3 versions only
> which breaks packstack
> My questions is:
> ·         Can I freeze versions with tripleo or there is any downloads
> from the net in the deployments?
> ·         How difficult is to upgrade versions
> ·         Can someone redirect me to a guide that explain how to build
> the topology and how to add compute / publish configuration change to
> the environment?
> Thanks,
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The upgrade process for RDO is documented here. I assume it will be
updated for upgrades from Mitaka to Newton when the time comes.


As far as finding documentation on topology, scaling (adding computes),
and configuration management, you may want to look at the Red Hat
OpenStack Platform documentation. RH OSP is just the commercially
released version of the RDO source code, so almost everything
documented for OSP is applicable for RDO:


I'm not exactly sure what you mean by freezing versions. RPM upgrades
are not automatic once the nodes are deployed. If you want complete
control over the versions of RPMs on your systems, you can set up your
own RPM repository and use that instead of letting yum connect to the
Internet for downloads.

When you are building overcloud images, you can set the value of
DIB_YUM_REPO_CONF to point at yum repo files that will be used to
create the overcloud images. If you point at local repos, you can
control which RPMs are used for the deployment.

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