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Re: [rdo-list] TripleO UI Packaging Strategy

On 21/07/16 16:23, Honza Pokorny wrote:
> There still seems to be some confusion about what we're saying, so let
> me attempt to summarize:
> 1. bundling of npm dependencies (sources) undesirable but temporarily tolerated

Taking the conversation from IRC here:

I don't think we got an answer on this yet.

If you're pulling all dependencies in, and compile a package then,
you're basically creating something comparable to statically linked
binaries: If a library has a security issue, you're going to rebuild the
whole thing.

You mentioned somewhere else, dependencies are pinned: is that true for
dependencies of dependencies as well? Or would I get a different
tarball, when collecting all dependencies (and deps of deps) in a few weeks?

> node_modules/ directory --- npm downloads sources along with artifacts
> (e.g. if the package is written in coffee-script, it will contain both
> the coffee-script sources and the compiled js).  And, we plan to use npm
> to also build the minified code (e.g. "npm run build").

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