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Re: [rdo-list] TripleO UI Packaging Strategy

On 07/22/2016 08:02 AM, Honza Pokorny wrote:
> Notes from our meeting today:
> * We have outlined three timelines for handling dependencies
>     a) short term     - bundle everything
>     b) long term      - unbundle toolchain
>     c) very long term - use new npm registry
> * Currently, the build system uses nodejs 0.10.x, let's look at
>   upgrading that

What is the purpose of this? I saw today Fedora 25 is using 6.x but
RHEL/CentOS is still
Version     : 0.10.42
Release     : 4.el7

We should probably make sure this is highly reproducible with RHEL and
CentOS specifically, right?

> * Upstream CI should run selenium tests and other smoke tests


> * Related patches:
>    * openstack infra - https://review.openstack.org/#/c/343834/
Has a +2, needs a +1 workflow
>    * rpm spec in tripleo-ui - https://review.openstack.org/#/c/344932/ 
Needs eyes

>    * once these are merged:
>      * open a request for review in rdo
>      * create a distgit repo for tripleo-ui

Since the two patches are up, we just need eyes. I'm guessing as long as
we get a +1 on workflow next week we can have both merged.

I think we can have the beginning of something in next week. Honza,
Haikel - does that sound reasonable?  After that, we'll probably have to
refine what's in to work correctly with the undercloud install, which
would probably take another week, give or take a few days for reviews.


> Feel free to add to this
> Thanks
> Honza Pokorny

Jason E. Rist
Senior Software Engineer
OpenStack User Interfaces
Red Hat, Inc.
openuc: +1.972.707.6408
mobile: +1.720.256.3933
Freenode: jrist
github/twitter: knowncitizen

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