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[rdo-list] OpenStack meetups happening this week (Lots of 6th Birthday events!)

This month, the OpenStack Foundation offered money to meetup groups to
do OpenStack 6th Birthday events. Now that it's the last week of the
month, a lot of groups are getting in on that at the last minute, so
you've got pretty good chances of finding a 6th Birthday event near you.
I'll be speaking on Thursday at the Lexington, Kentucky event!

If there's a meetup in your area, please consider attending. If you
attend, please consider taking a few photos, and possibly even writing
up a brief summary of what was covered.


* Monday July 25 in Saint Paul, MN, US: OpenStack 6th Birthday
Celebration! -

* Monday July 25 in Istanbul, TR: SUSE way of OpenStack -

* Wednesday July 27 in Islamabad, PK: Celebrating OpenStack 6th Birthday
- http://www.meetup.com/Openstack-Pakistan/events/232075494/

* Wednesday July 27 in Berlin, DE: 9th OpenStack User Group Berlin -

* Wednesday July 27 in Manchester, 18, GB: OpenStack's 6th Birthday - 6
years and SDN -

* Thursday July 28 in Lexington, KY, US: OpenStack Birthday Event -

* Thursday July 28 in Moscow, RU: День рождения OpenStack -

* Thursday July 28 in Buenos Aires, AR: OpenStack 6th Birthday -

* Thursday July 28 in Philadelphia, PA, US: OpenStack 6th Anniversary/
Using OpenStack Cinder to manage Docker storage -

* Thursday July 28 in Reston, VA, US: OpenStack's 6th Birthday
Celebration - http://www.meetup.com/OpenStack-Nova/events/231886422/

* Thursday July 28 in Durham, NC, US: Triangle Kubernetes meetup session
#4 - http://www.meetup.com/Triangle-Kubernetes-Meetup/events/231104568/

* Thursday July 28 in Fort Collins, CO, US: OpenStack 6th Birthday and
... - http://www.meetup.com/OpenStack-Colorado/events/231949941/

* Thursday July 28 in Pasadena, CA, US: Datera/OpenStack 6th Birthday
Gala. The July 2016 OpenStack L.A. Meetup -

* Thursday July 28 in Herriman, UT, US: OpenStack at Overstock -

* Saturday July 30 in Ha Noi, VN: OpenStack 6th Birthday Meetup #11 -

Rich Bowen - rbowen redhat com
RDO Community Liaison

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