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[rdo-list] Red Hat Summit: Demo volunteers wanted

At OpenStack Summit, we had a number of people volunteer to present
demos at the RDO booth and/or answer attendee questions. This was a big
success, with almost every time slot being filled by very helpful people.

We'd like to do the same thing at Red Hat Summit, which will be held in
3 weeks in San Francisco. If you plan to attend, and if you have a free
time slot, I would appreciate it if you'd be willing to do a shift in
the booth, and possibly bring a demo along with you.

Demos *can* be a "live demo", but typically, unless it's completely
self-contained on your laptop, you're better off doing a video, since
network conditions can't be guaranteed. (We usually have a hard-wire
network in the booth, but even that can be flakey at peak times.)

If you're willing to participate, please claim a slot in the schedule
etherpad, HERE: https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/rhsummit-rdo-booth

Time slots are mostly 60 minutes. If some other time slot works better
for you, please do feel free to modify the start/end times. Please
indicate what you'll be demoing.



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