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Re: [rdo-list] [CentOS-devel] Rebuilding OpenStack for AArch64

adding rdo-list

On Fri, Jun 10, 2016 at 1:14 PM, Marcin Juszkiewicz
<marcin juszkiewicz linaro org> wrote:
> There were discussions on irc about it but I lost track of who I should
> speak with etc so decided to write to mailing list instead.
> The goal is to rebuild OpenStack 'mitaka' packages for AArch64 (AltArch) in
> CBS (there is one builder for this architecture).
> Question is how to make it in best way?
> One of ideas was:
> 1. create new tag (cloud7-openstack-mitaka-candidate-aarch64?)
> 2. import all 'noarch' builds from cloud7-openstack-mitaka-* tags
> 3. send all required packages to the builder
> 4. test resulting packages
> 5. import/merge all of them to proper cloud7-openstack-mitaka-* tag
> Other was about doing scratch builds and merging them with x86-64 ones.
> How we can proceed? I think that first idea is good as it allows us to do
> builds without touching x86-64 tag before we are ready for merging. But I do
> not have koji experience so may be wrong.

New tag is the way to go, we don't want to block x86_64.


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