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Re: [rdo-list] mitaka installation

I have well tested workaround for CONFIG_KEYSTONE_API_VERSION=v3 based on

back porting 2 recent upstream commits to stable RDO Mitaka.

When you run `packstack --alinone`   Keystone API is v2.0 by default not  v3.

So you might be focused on v2.0, otherwise let me know.   I have detailed notes

been done for back port ( one more time thanks to Javier Pena for upstream work )


From: rdo-list-bounces redhat com <rdo-list-bounces redhat com> on behalf of Andrey Shevel <shevel andrey gmail com>
Sent: Friday, June 17, 2016 4:08 AM
To: alan pevec redhat com
Cc: rdo-list
Subject: Re: [rdo-list] mitaka installation
The file REINSTALL.... is script to reinstall Openstack-mitaka

On Thu, Jun 16, 2016 at 9:39 PM, Alan Pevec <apevec redhat com> wrote:
>> ERROR : Error appeared during Puppet run:
>> Error: Could not prefetch keystone_role provider 'openstack': Could
>> not authenticate
>> You will find full trace in log
>> /var/tmp/packstack/20160616-133447-C9hfh9/manifests/
> ^ please paste this file so we can see more details about the error

Andrey Y Shevel

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