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Re: [rdo-list] Red Hat Summit: Demo volunteers wanted

It is a more or less final reminder that if you're going to be at Red
Hat Summit, and you have something that you'd like to show off in the
RDO booth, or just hang out and answer questions, the etherpad below is
the place to indicate your interest.

In any event, drop by for RDO tshirts and other Red Hat swag.

See you in San Francisco!


On 06/06/2016 03:25 PM, Rich Bowen wrote:
> At OpenStack Summit, we had a number of people volunteer to present
> demos at the RDO booth and/or answer attendee questions. This was a big
> success, with almost every time slot being filled by very helpful people.
> We'd like to do the same thing at Red Hat Summit, which will be held in
> 3 weeks in San Francisco. If you plan to attend, and if you have a free
> time slot, I would appreciate it if you'd be willing to do a shift in
> the booth, and possibly bring a demo along with you.
> Demos *can* be a "live demo", but typically, unless it's completely
> self-contained on your laptop, you're better off doing a video, since
> network conditions can't be guaranteed. (We usually have a hard-wire
> network in the booth, but even that can be flakey at peak times.)
> If you're willing to participate, please claim a slot in the schedule
> etherpad, HERE: https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/rhsummit-rdo-booth
> Time slots are mostly 60 minutes. If some other time slot works better
> for you, please do feel free to modify the start/end times. Please
> indicate what you'll be demoing.
> Thanks!
> --Rich

Rich Bowen - rbowen redhat com
RDO Community Liaison

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