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[rdo-list] RDO bloggers, Jun 21 2016

Here's what RDO enthusiasts have been blogging about in the last week.

Skydive plugin for devstack by Babu Shanmugam

Devstack is the most commonly used project for OpenStack development.
Wouldn’t it be cool to have a supporting software which analyzes the
network infrastructure and helps us troubleshoot and monitor the SDN
solution that Devstack is deploying?

… read more at http://tm3.org/7a

ANNOUNCE: libvirt switch to time based rules for updating version
numbers by Daniel P. Berrangé

Until today, libvirt has used a 3 digit version number for monthly
releases off the git master branch, and a 4 digit version number for
maintenance releases off stable branches. Henceforth all releases will
use 3 digits, and the next release will be 2.0.0, followed by 2.1.0,
2.2.0, etc, with stable releases incrementing the last digit (2.0.1,
2.0.2, etc) instead of appending yet another digit.

… read more at http://tm3.org/7b

Community Central at Red Hat Summit by Rich Bowen

OpenStack swims in a larger ecosystem of community projects. At the
upcoming Red Hat Summit in San Francisco, RDO will be sharing the
Community Central section of the show floor with various of these projects.

… read more at http://tm3.org/7c

Custom Overcloud Deploys by Adam Young

I’ve been using Tripleo Quickstart. I need custom deploys. Start with
modifying the heat templates. I’m doing a mitaka deploy

… read more at http://tm3.org/7d

Learning about the Overcloud Deploy Process by Adam Young

The process of deploying the overcloud goes through several
technologies. Here’s what I’ve learned about tracing it.

… read more at http://tm3.org/7e

The difference between auth_uri and auth_url in auth_token by Adam Young
Dramatis Personae:

Adam Young, Jamie Lennox: Keystone core.
Scene: #openstack-keystone chat room.
ayoung: I still don’t understand the difference between url and uri

… read more at http://tm3.org/7f

Scaling Magnum and Kubernetes: 2 million requests per second by Ricardo

Two months ago, we described in this blog post how we deployed OpenStack
Magnum in the CERN cloud. It is available as a pre-production service
and we're steadily moving towards full production mode.

… read more at http://tm3.org/7g

Keystone Auth Entry Points by Adam Young

OpenStack libraries now use Authenication plugins from the keystoneauth1
library. One othe the plugins has disappered? Kerbersop. This used to be
in the python-keystoneclient-kerberos package, but that is not shipped
with Mitaka. What happened?

… read more at http://tm3.org/7h

OpenStack Days Budapest, OpenStack Days Prague by Eliska Malikova

It was the 4th OSD in Budapest, but at a brand new place, which was
absolutely brilliant. And by brilliant I mean - nice place to stay,
great location, enough options around, very good sound, well working AC
in rooms for talks and professional catering. I am not sure about number
of attendees, but it was pretty big and crowded - so awesome!

… read more at http://tm3.org/7i

Rich Bowen - rbowen redhat com
RDO Community Liaison

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