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[rdo-list] [DLRN] Options to pin packages when needed

Hi all,

RDO Trunk repos are meant to package the latest upstream commits, but in some rare cases we may need to pin a specific package to a non-latest commit to temporarily fix a breakage.

This week, we had one of those cases with keystonemiddleware, but the procedure used to do it caused some disruption because some commits were rebuilt, breaking the current-passed-ci and current-tripleo repos for centos-master.

Looking for alternatives, my first idea was the following:

- Temporarily take that package out of rdoinfo using a specific tag (e.g. tag: to-fix)
- And add a working package to an "overrides" repo, included as part of delorean-deps.repo

This avoids any DLRN db hacks, but stops processing updates for the package until the breakage is fixed.

What do you think? Any alternative ideas?


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