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[rdo-list] dashboards.rdoproject.org is live


so Fred found my hideout in the office and did ask me if I could move
the RDO dashboard (https://github.com/rdo-infra/rdo-dashboards) to a
different infra. 

So I worked yesterday night and today to produce that:

and deployed that:

Now, that's the good news.

On the topic of what need to be done:

- fred asked for auto updat eof the code. I am on it, will do tomorow.

- people want to change the domain (as it was decided by fiat by myself)
That should be easy to do, just need to agree on something.

So if people can discuss and decide, be my guest :)

- Alan said he would prefer to have that as a subdirectory rather than a
subdomain, which i would prefer to keep, for technical reasons (as the
whole playbook is done on using different domain names), and since i
want to place that outside of the current server.

The reason for wanting to use another server is there:

since we use gem, we need gcc, ruby, and node. I am not that happy to
have that on the server, so i was looking at moving to openshift v3 (I
got a preview access). That's a long term solution, so for now, let's
keep this way.

Finally, before we decide on the name, please do not publish it around,
I do not want to carry redirection for too long :)

Michael Scherer
Sysadmin, Community Infrastructure and Platform, OSAS

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