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[rdo-list] python-keystoneclient (2.3.1-2) make wrong URI call for keystone api V3


I'm using Mitaka release (the very latest public release one from Jun-02), and i'm having issue with List Project in Horizon. In my case i have multiple projects created and when i login to Horizon the drop down list of project (on the top left corner) doesn't list properly, it only list one project only. And as I use Apache wsgi as a service instead of keystone python web service, i checked apache log and here is what i found

 [23/Jun/2016:17:09:37 +0700] "GET /v3/tenants HTTP/1.1" 404 93 "-" "python-keystoneclient"
 [23/Jun/2016:18:47:18 +0700] "POST /v3/tokens HTTP/1.1" 404 93 "-" "keystoneauth1/2.4.1 python-requests/2.10.0 CPython/2.7.5"

You can see here the URI "/v3/tenants" should be "/v2.0/tenants" or "/v3/projects" (i think)

and /v3/tokens should be "/v2.0/tokens" or "/v3/auth/tokens"

So i wonder if this is a bug in the python-keystoneclient or is there any configuration i can do to force the client/keystone/horizon to use a proper URI call?

As a side, i applied a workaround to fix this issue by creating a redirect rule in apache as follow

RewriteEngine on
Redirect /v3/tenants /v2.0/tenants
Redirect /v3/tokens /v2.0/tokens

Thanks in advance for any help.


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