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[rdo-list] BoF at OpenStack Summit

TL;DR. There are no BoF (Meetup) slots available at OpenStack Summit
this year. We're pursuing an off-site restaurant venue. Would you come?

At the last few OpenStack Summit venues, we were able to secure a BoF
(Birds of a Feather) meetup room during the main conference schedule for
an RDO community meetup. This is not an option at this event. Due to
space limitations, all BoF slots went to core projects.

We are investigating an evening reservation at a nearby (hopefully one
of the conference hotels) venue, in a bar/restaurant. We are sharing
this with the Ceph community to limit costs.

What I need to know is an idea of how many of you would attend an
evening (like, right after the last conference talk session?) event at a
nearby (walking distance) venue, with light snacks/beverages, where we
did an hour-long RDO Community meetup, just to get an idea if this is
worth the expense.


Rich Bowen - rbowen redhat com
RDO Community Liaison

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