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Re: [rdo-list] Is Keystone/Identity-v3 supported by RDO Packstack? Multi-node swift --answer-file?

> I believe that RDO package maintainers are supposed to perform  patching
> (done locally in my posting to Linux.com)   and make this back ports  to official RDO
> Mitaka repos, to avoid compromising RDO QuickStart Page. By some reasons  it didn't happen.

We've been busy wrapping up Newton release, but in the meantime until
we have next round of minor updates pushed to Mitaka stable repos, you
can use rdo-trunk-mitaka-tested repo with "nightlies" which passed CI,
it is available in rdo-release-mitaka-5 (yum install
to update):


Those are RPMs built from stable/mitaka branches so they have all
backports merged upstream, you don't need to patch manually.


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