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[rdo-list] RDO Infra meeting at OpenStack Summit, Barcelona

In yesterday's RDO Community Meeting, we discussed the possibility of
having an in-person meeting, in Barcelona, at OpenStack Summit, to
discuss our infrastructure needs, how we can support/maintain those
needs long term, and other infra-related stuff.

I am looking into meeting rooms near the venue, for Monday afternoon.
Everything *at* the venue is taken on Monday, and while there is a Red
Hat office in BCN, it's a 50 minute bus ride from the conference venue,
so I'd like something closer.

If you are planning to attend that meeting, please let me know
(off-list) what your arrival plans are, as I don't want to exclude
anybody. At the moment, we're looking in the 1-3pm time frame. If your
presence at the meeting is critical, and you will miss that window,
please tell me ASAP before we book a room.



Rich Bowen - rbowen redhat com
RDO Community Liaison

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