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[rdo-list] Improving the test day experience

In our RDO Community Meeting (on IRC) yesterday, the topic of improving
test day was brought up.

Test day is, for the most part, about getting people to beat on the
latest packages and find problems. However, since most of these problems
are being found in CI, it's time to make test day also about giving
people an opportunity to see what's coming in future releases. To that
end, user experience is pretty important on test day.

Several suggestions were made to improve the test day experience for
folks that aren't already experts:

* Test setup matrix cleanup? Remove tests that are no longer relevant.

* More detailed, beginner-friendly instructions for testing. (Test day
as product preview for potential users, or existing users who are not
deep experts.)

* Ask other teams to provide use cases they want to validate.

* Tracking the tests on an etherpad with instructions, and registering
people to use cases, so that we're sure that everything is being covered.

While these are all great suggestions, each requires that someone
actually step up and make it happen. Each test day, for example, we talk
about better instructions for the test scenarios, and everyone agrees
that it's a good idea.

Anyways, as we start looking towards Ocata, are there other suggestions
as to how we can make the test day more welcoming to folks trying out
RDO for the first time, and existing OpenStack users looking for a
preview of the next release, as well as the usual suspects? And, as
importantly, people who are able to make some of these things happen?



Rich Bowen - rbowen redhat com
RDO Community Liaison

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