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[rdo-list] RabbitMQ version in RDO

Hi everyone,

I'm wondering what is the current status on the supporting packages
for OpenStack in RDO and how they are handled?  I personally think
it's really nice that everything comes packaged from one repository
and we don't have to go to upstream (in the exception of -ev

In this case, I'm wondering if it is possible to get a newer version
of RabbitMQ in the Mitaka RDO repos, the reason behind this is that
there is a bug affecting us which results in RabbitMQ nodes crashing.
The details of the bug are here:


This issue is resolved in 3.6.4, but 3.6.2 is what is included in the
RDO repos.  We could just start using the upstream packages however I
think it's far more productive for everyone in the community to have
updated packages so they don't run into the same surprises that we ran
into and RDO maintains a working out-of-the-box set of packages for
OpenStack without having to resort to other package sources.

I guess all this summarizes to two questions: What's the policy on the
supporting packages in OpenStack and could we work to get an update
RabbitMQ version?


Mohammed Naser

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