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Re: [rdo-list] Improving the test day experience

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> In our RDO Community Meeting (on IRC) yesterday, the topic of improving
> test day was brought up.
> Test day is, for the most part, about getting people to beat on the
> latest packages and find problems. However, since most of these problems
> are being found in CI, it's time to make test day also about giving
> people an opportunity to see what's coming in future releases. To that
> end, user experience is pretty important on test day.
> Several suggestions were made to improve the test day experience for
> folks that aren't already experts:
> * Test setup matrix cleanup? Remove tests that are no longer relevant.
> * More detailed, beginner-friendly instructions for testing. (Test day
> as product preview for potential users, or existing users who are not
> deep experts.)
> * Ask other teams to provide use cases they want to validate.
> * Tracking the tests on an etherpad with instructions, and registering
> people to use cases, so that we're sure that everything is being covered.
> While these are all great suggestions, each requires that someone
> actually step up and make it happen. Each test day, for example, we talk
> about better instructions for the test scenarios, and everyone agrees
> that it's a good idea.
> Anyways, as we start looking towards Ocata, are there other suggestions
> as to how we can make the test day more welcoming to folks trying out
> RDO for the first time, and existing OpenStack users looking for a
> preview of the next release, as well as the usual suspects? And, as
> importantly, people who are able to make some of these things happen?

During today's RDO meeting, I had the idea of having a pre-baked image with the basic setup (base CentOS + configured repos, maybe some documentation included) in TryStack or a cloud provider that would like to help us during the test day. Then, each tester could create a VM in that environment and run their own test scenario.

Thinking of it, it requires:

- A prepared image (not a big deal, we could do it)
- A public cloud with enough resources for the test days, and enough security measures to prevent abuse
- Anything else?


> Thanks.
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