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Re: [rdo-list] Maintaining os-*-config in Fedora

2016-09-21 18:42 GMT+02:00 James Slagle <jslagle redhat com>:
> os-*-config (apply, cloud, collect, refresh, net) are still maintained in
> Fedora (despite that the maintainers, myself included, have not been doing
> regular builds).
> I've been asked by a couple people from Fedora to update these packages to
> build python 3 packages, and some other things like removing outdated Requires
> on python libraries that are now in the stdlib (argparse, etc).
> This raised the question for me though if we still want to maintain these
> packages in Fedora at all. Aiui, they were not retired when the rest of the
> core OpenStack packages were retired because os-*-config is useful when using
> Fedora as an instance orchestarted via Heat on OpenStack.
> However, we haven't been properly maintaining these packages in Fedora by doing
> updated builds to pick up new releases, not to mention that these packages and
> use case are entirely untested on Fedora to the best of my knowledge.
> os-cloud-config I think we can retire from Fedora without any concern since it
> is specific to TripleO.
> For the others, is there anyone who wants to take them over to continue to work
> on the "Fedora as an instance orchestrated via Heat" use case? If not, I
> propose to retire the others as well.
> Note that diskimage-builder and dib-utls are also still in Fedora but it
> appears that pabelanger has been keeping those updated, so is likely using
> them.

Well as a matter of fact, we can just sync them like we do with clients.
If they're useful to orchestrate Fedora instances with Heat, then I'd
rather keep them around.


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