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[rdo-list] Sahara/Trove images

Hi everyone,

In order to successfully deploy Sahara, Trove (or I’m sure a few other projects), you need to build a few images using diskimage-builder and publish them.  There are a few images which are published and hosted at Mirantis however they seem pretty out of date.   This does not seem to be something that is currently implemented and I was recommended by hguemar to start a conversation around this in rdo-list.  His suggestion was to start some jobs which generate images that are simply published over HTTP, and once we have that, we can dive into packaging them and making the acquisition of images as simple as yum install openstack-sahara-image-ambari for example.

I will be attempting to do some of the work to create jobs around this, however, I would encourage others who would like to help and who can chime in to work on this as well.  I have good knowledge around CI, building these images and JJB however I might struggle around finding the right places to put things so we can get those images shipped out!

I hope this becomes useful for everyone and I’m looking for more feedback and a bit of help to get this created!


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