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[rdo-list] RDO-CI Scrum Weekly Scrum Recap

Greetings All,

Links to the RDO-CI team scrum[1] and recording[2] from this week's
meeting are below.


 - RDO Community job passes ahead of test day Feb 2/3
 - RDO master / Ocata product chain pipeline
   https://review.openstack.org/#/c/426837/ just merged to fix the validate-simple role 
   New card added to Trello to use the template from T-H-T in validate-simple [3]
 - Scenario support in Tripleo-Quickstart 
   Trello card with status [4]
   These scenarios need to work on virt deployments as well (running on OVB is not a first stage requirement)
 - Upgrades
   https://blueprints.launchpad.net/tripleo/+spec/tripleo-composable-upgrade-job (targeted for pike2)
   Push to get the internal gate running upgrade on OVB passing
 - [Q to U] (quickstart to upstream) Definition of Done
   Priority due this week, is a definitive list of what is left to be done for this project
   No new cards to be added without TC/UA approval
 - Ocata Stable Release
   Work to be done is tracked in [5]
   Image building is the blocking functionality here
   Deadline is really next week
   Look at any features that could -> pike

[1] - https://review.rdoproject.org/etherpad/p/rdo-infra-scrum
[2] - https://bluejeans.com/s/g3ZLf/
[3] - https://trello.com/c/BI1yXAaX/567-q-to-u-change-the-validate-simple-ping-test-to-take-the-heat-template-from-t-h-t-and-not-use-a-custom-template
[4] - https://trello.com/c/7vOYm1Bc/560-q-to-u-implement-scenario-testing-for-multinode-tripleo-quickstart-jobs
[5] - https://trello.com/c/Y1nOASYi/554-ci-ocata-release


Ronelle Landy

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