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[rdo-list] Bootstrapping ppc64le packages


My name is Josh Boyer and I'm part of a team working on expanding
architecture support for Openstack.  Our team is starting with ppc64le
but we have interest in aarch64 as well.

I'm looking to help bootstrap some of the missing dependency packages
for Pike on ppc64le.  I've started with galera and done a successful
scratch build here:


I spoke with Alan briefly and he suggested to build the -3 version
from Fedora master, but that added a dependency on asio-devel which is
also missing on ppc64le in CBS.

A successful scratch build of asio that includes ppc64le is here:


but there is no newer version in Fedora, so the NVR is already present in CBS.

I'm happy to bump the Release in asio and build that, and then build
galera against it, but I thought I would bring the conversation here
before I did anything.



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