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[rdo-list] Webserver migration next Monday


Following what was decided during the RDO meeting the web server is
going to migrate from the dying OS1 to the brand new RDO Cloud. We just
finished preparing the move and, due to the deadline and some planned
vacations, we've decided to do it this next Monday (2017-07-10). It will
start at 12:30 JST and should not take long.

Impacted sites:
  - www.rdoproject.org
  - ask.rdoproject.org
  - docs.rdoproject.org
  - dashboards.rdoproject.org

The web builder will be switched to the new host beforehand, so you may
have some delay before changes are published effectively.

Also HTTPS will come once DNS has propagated and the let's encrypt
certificates are regenerated (due to some changes), so expect a short
delay here too.

We'll communicate via IRC, and here when this is over.

Have a nice we.

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