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Re: [rdo-list] Where is the subunit packaging data?

>> [tony thor ~]$ rdopkg info subunit
>> 1 packages found:
>> name: subunit
>> project: subunit
>> conf: unmanaged-dependency
>> patches: None
>> distgit: https://github.com/rdo-common/subunit.git
>> buildsys-tags:
>>   cloud7-openstack-common-release: subunit-1.0.0-1.el7
>>   cloud7-openstack-common-testing: subunit-1.0.0-1.el7
>> master-distgit: https://github.com/rdo-common/subunit.git
>> review-origin: null
>> review-patches: null
>> tags:
>>   dependency: null
>> maintainers:
>> - apevec redhat com
>> - hguemar fedoraproject org
>> but that URL either doen't exist or requires a permission I don't have.

> subunit is an unmanaged dependency so it comes from Fedora distgit.
> We try to avoid forking Fedora packages when it's unnecessary (less
> dependencies to directly maintain and less conflict with something
> which could be shipped in future RHEL)

To make it clear, I've introduced conf: fedora-dependency in
and will add it to deps which are direct Fedora Rawhide rebuilds.


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