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Re: [rdo-list] RDO office hours on 25th July, 2017 at 11:30 A.M (UTC)


I am still a new comer but did the Red Hat Cloud course a couple of years ago and did fire up a couple of bugs, which did get work arrounds.

Life is always complicated, I will be welcoming a guy for GUADEC[1] on the 25th. I'd appreciate it if you would pass on my apologies for non-attendance, but Tim will have flown from Melbourne in Australia into my home city here in UK. The least I could do was to pre-book hotel / SIM card etc. and meet him at the airport to show him around.

If you can ask, on my behalf, how packstack is progressing? It seems now stuck between allinone-stack and Triple-O ... I want to use more than one NiC but do not have a machine to test Triple-O on. I hope that this sort of question is asked and answered and, once again, apologise for not attending.


1. https://2017.guadec.org/

On 20 July 2017 at 16:22, Chandan kumar <chkumar246 gmail com> wrote:

In order to improve the onboarding experience in RDO as well as encouraging
more contributors to RDO community, we have started a project named
to collect low hanging fruits at one place and we have started getting
for those issues.

Easyfix should consist of small fixes in RDO packages, writing documentation,
contributions to rdopkg, DLRN, tripleo or any other tools.
New project ideas are also welcome.

To keep up with increasing participation, we'll host office hours to
add more easy fixes and provide mentoring to newcomers

For creating more easyfix issues for RDO community, we have scheduled
an office hour
on 25th July 2017 (Tuesday) at 11:30 A.M. (UTC) to 13:30 A.M. (UTC) on
#rdo IRC channel on Freenode server.

Feel free to join for the same so that we can create more easyfix for
new contributors.

[1]. https://github.com/redhat-openstack/easyfix/issues


Chandan Kumar

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