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[rdo-list] Recent blog posts you may have missed

There's been a few recent blog posts from across the RDO community that
you may have missed in recent weeks. Here's some of the highlights:

* Using NFS for OpenStack (glance,nova) with selinux by Fabian Arrotin

As announced already, I was (between other things) playing with
Openstack/RDO and had deployed some small openstack setup in the CentOS
Infra. Then I had to look at our existing DevCloud setup. This setup was
based on Opennebula running on CentOS 6, and also using Gluster as
backend for the VM store. That's when I found out that Gluster isn't a
valid option anymore : Gluster is was deprecated and was now even
removed from Cinder. Sad as one advantage of gluster is that you could
(you had to ! ) user libgfapi so that qemu-kvm process could talk
directly to gluster through ligbfapi and not accessing VM images over
locally mounted gluster volumes (please, don't even try to do that,
through fuse).


* Nested quota models by Tim Bell

At the Boston Forum, there were many interesting discussions on models
which could be used for nested quota management
(https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/BOS-forum-quotas). Some of the
background for the use has been explained previously in the blog
but the subsequent discussions have also led to further review.


* Understanding ceph-ansible in TripleO by Giulio Fidente

One of the goals for the TripleO Pike release was to introduce
ceph-ansible as an alternative to puppet-ceph for the deployment of Ceph.


* Tuning for Zero Packet Loss in Red Hat OpenStack Platform – Part 3 by

In Part 1 of this series Federico Iezzi, EMEA Cloud Architect with Red
Hat covered the architecture and planning requirements to begin the
journey into achieving zero packet loss in Red Hat OpenStack Platform 10
for NFV deployments. In Part 2 he went into the details around the
specific tuning and parameters required. Now, in Part 3, Federico
concludes the series with an example of how all this planning and tuning
comes together!


Rich Bowen - rbowen redhat com
RDO Community Liaison

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