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Jason Rist jrist at redhat.com
Thu May 11 13:22:03 UTC 2017

Can we revisit this? We are currently blocked on a github PR (relevant to
2) - and could really use some process improvement as Honza suggested.


On Wed, Mar 22, 2017 at 8:46 AM, Honza Pokorny <honza at redhat.com> wrote:

> Hello folks,
> Over the last couple of months, it has become apparent that the process
> for releasing new versions of the two TripleO UI RPMs
> (openstack-tripleo-ui and openstack-tripleo-ui-deps) relies on manual
> work done by humans.  As a result, making changes to the specs of the
> said RPMs takes a long time, and causes delays in upstream CI.
> >From my point of view (read: I'm not familiar with the finer details of
> the inner workings of RDO), there are three manual tasks that need to be
> performed when a change to a spec is required (most often it's a new
> dependency):
> 1.  Licensing review
> Obviously this step cannot be done by machines.  It has been suggested
> to us that it would simplify things for reviewers if we included
> transient dependency diffs as well --- we plan to do that going forward.
> 2.  openstack-tripleo-ui-deps PR merge
> This step also cannot be done by machines.  However, we could streamline
> this work by handling the reviewing and merging by using the RDO Gerrit
> instead of GitHub.  I suspect that reviewers will be more likely to
> review these kinds of patches faster than by having to go to GitHub
> given that many of the other RDO projects are handled by Gerrit.
> 3.  Rebuilding RPM and publishing it
> This step is the most opaque to the TripleO UI team.  Usually, we have
> to ask someone on IRC to rebuild the package.  Then, it seems to be
> published in two different places: CBS[1], which I understand to be a
> staging environment of some kind, and the other place is unknown to me
> but it's the place where the upstream CI can pick it up.  I have
> repeatedly asked to gain to some read-only access to the progress of
> these builds but have received none.  In order to speed up this work, I
> would love to see some more automation of the build process, and more
> visibility of the progress.
> It's very likely that my understanding of the problem is misguided, and
> I very much welcome your correction!  If you have suggestions on how the
> TripleO UI team can make RDO's life easier, I'm all ears.
> Thanks,
> Honza Pokorny
> [1]: https://cbs.centos.org/koji/packageinfo?packageID=4136
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