[rdo-list] RDO-CI Scrum Weekly Scrum Recap

Ronelle Landy rlandy at redhat.com
Thu May 18 18:24:17 UTC 2017

Greetings All,

Links to the RDO-CI team scrum etherpad [1] and recording [2] from this week's meeting are below.


 - Job watching process improvement (recurring topic)
   Doc is out with proposal on a weekly schedule for job watching so that the rest of the team members can concentrate on feature development. 

 - Creation of technical debt
   In the review process, we should add criteria bring review to cores that we have an understanding on:
    - what technical debt will be added
    - how long the technical debt will last
    - will there be a follow up job to resolve the technical debt
    - Add FIXME comment with your name
    Will we reserve time to look at technical debt?  Such as in a stablization release?

 - tripleo-ui
   jrist and weshay are unable to get ssl undercloud deployments + access to the triplo-ui working
   Would be acceptable to push forward this ci change for non-ssl access to ui?
   meaning.. ssl or non-ssl undercloud would have access to the ui w/o ssl
   see reviews [3] and [4]

 - rdophase2, ospphase0 virt-ha is being disabled today (OSP 10,11,12, newton, ocata, master) due to lack of hardware.  
   AI (rlandy): add capacity to tenant on qeos7 - add jobs to OVB
   AI (rasca) add ha validations

[1] - https://review.rdoproject.org/etherpad/p/rdo-infra-scrum
[2] - https://bluejeans.com/s/jctBC/
[3] - https://review.openstack.org/#/c/407733/
[4] - https://review.openstack.org/#/c/459061/


Ronelle Landy

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