[rdo-list] Website reorg

Rich Bowen rbowen at redhat.com
Thu May 25 16:46:21 UTC 2017

Petr, sorry, I had to go into a meeting, and our conversation on IRC was
left unfinished.

You said:

pkovar: it would be best to have a single place where we describe the
community channels, events, etc. but since we have /community *and*
/events, its kinda difficult

/events is just the calendar, and is generated from the yml files in
https://github.com/OSAS/rh-events  I think that /community is probably
the place to consolidate everything else, with more descriptive prose,
and have the /events page just be the calendar.

We've also got the split between docs days (which is under
/events/docdays) and test days, (which is under /testday) and this
inconsistency is irritating. Those, too, should be in the same place, as
they are different ways for the community to engage at scheduled times.

If we want to reorg the site to make the information tree more sensible,
we can absolutely do that. The structure we have now has grown
organically, and if a different/better organization makes sense to you,
let's figure out what that needs to be, and make the change.


Rich Bowen - rbowen at redhat.com
RDO Community Liaison

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