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[rdo-list] Where and how should the DLRN API based promotion run?

I want to follow up this conversation from this review:


For reference, we're talking about the way we will do promotions based on DLRN API using this piece of script I called dlrnapi_promoter[1].

 > Attila, John, Wes, I'm not convinced we need a dedicated machine
 > for this.
 > Can we take some time to discuss if a cron on a machine is the
 > right approach in the first place ?
 > I feel there's a lot of different options available but we haven't
 > had the opportunity to discuss them.
 > For example, a jenkins job that would trigger periodically or
 > through content change on the DLRN API result pages ? I'm sure we
 > could come up with different ideas.

These are the most obvious other options (for me):

1. Make this promotion logic part of DLRN -- I would have preferred this but didn't see interest in this from Javier or from any of you when I pitched it a while ago -- probably too late in the design process of the API. Even the promotion API that we really needed was an afterthought for DLRN API, so we didn't really cooperate on the design to begin with. Adding this logic would have been my preference. We should do better next time.

2. Run this separately but *on* the DLRN server. I couldn't even get a proper approval for me and Gabriele and Sagi to get submit rights in the 'config' repo after a month[2]. I didn't even try to force this -- seems like our communication and cooperation is inflexible enough for now to not try to force this level of cohabitation to save the resources to run a single VM. I think it makes sense to run this separately.

3. Run this in a zuul job constantly polling: we would use the same amount of resources as having a dedicated machine, there's no good reason for doing it.

4. Run this based on some triggers: We want to be able to rerun failed jobs (RDO Phase1 & Phase2) and have the promotion succeed. We will have a ton of jobs that would trigger these scripts when they finish and there's no point in doing it after every single job, time based check seems to be more useful. If we don't run it after every single job finishes, it might miss a possible window for promotion.

So in summary, the point of using DLRN API was not relying on random places changing/triggers/etc. The source of truth should be the DLRN API for promotion and the most straightforward way to check for results now is polling.

I wouldn't mind if we eventually integrate this functionality in DLRN/DLRN API and when the promotion conditions are true, it could trigger jobs. Though we couldn't trigger stuff on intranet -- polling there still makes sense, but we could poll some DLRN page for sure.

This script[1] and VM instance is what we have now due to 1) and 2) not going through. It would be definitely a lot more sane and cheaper resource and maintenance-wise to do these calculations for promotions in DLRN API and have DLRN trigger some jobs when they are true for a given hash, but I didn't feel capable of adding this to DLRN, it was simpler to use the API as it was designed.

I'm happy to help start integrating this into DLRN, but as of now we should poll the API, and for polling the most reasonable solution is to have this on a constantly running machine vs. a long running job that does polling.

Let me know what you think!


[1] https://github.com/rdo-infra/ci-config/tree/master/ci-scripts/dlrnapi_promoter
[2] https://www.redhat.com/archives/rdo-list/2017-September/msg00008.html

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