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[rdo-list] RDO booth at OpenStack Summit: Help needed

As always, RDO will have a presence within the Red Hat booth at OpenStack Summit. We will have the usual stuff: ducks, stickers, and RDO/OpenStack cheatsheet bookmarks.

As you begin to look at the Summit schedule and plan out your days, please consider spending one or more of your free sessions answering questions at the RDO booth. We need friendly people who are willing to answer questions all the way from "What's RDO?" to "I found a bug in Neutron and need help troubleshooting it."

The schedule is at https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/rdo-sydney-summit-booth and I'll be reminding you of it over the coming weeks. The times are (roughly) in sync with sessions so you should be able to do a shift and make it to the next session.


Rich Bowen: Community Architect
rbowen redhat com
@rbowen // @RDOCommunity // @CentOSProject
1 859 351 9166

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