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[rdo-list] Feedback/Notes from OpenStack India mini conference at OpenSource India Day, 2017 Bangalore


Janki and I presented two talks at OpenStack India mini-conference at
OpenSource India Day, 2017 Bangalore on 14th Oct 2017
The overall conference was good, the audience was interesting.

I spoke about RDO and Janki spoke about OpenDaylight's role in
OpenStack. Link to slides is below.

* Delivering a bleeding edge community-led open stack distribution-
RDO : https://www.slideshare.net/ChandanKumar612/delivering-a-bleeding-edge-community-led-open-stack-distribution-rdo
* OpenDaylight - Bringing SDN to OpenStack -

The audience was interactive. We were hit by lots of
questions/suggestions around TripleO and OpenStack.

Listing few here:
* TripleO Docs are not clear for deploying OpenStack.
  * It is too much focus from the developer perspective and not from
the end-user perspective. For example, the deployment architecture
could be explained using few scenarios.

  * I deployed the cloud, how can I monitor it?

  * How to do HA deployment using TripleO (Docs from tripleo.org does
not show how to do that) and a note about deployment types.
  * How to configure and use TripleO-Ui (Having screenshots would be better)?
  * We have lots of deployments methods, people are confused what to
use when? RHOS Director or tripleo-quickstart or Manual method?
  * How to use tripleo-quickstart effectively by using config files?
  * what to do if somehow undercloud gets destroyed or not accessible?
Is redeploy the only option or is there a way to recover it?
* People are still confused about the relationship between RDO and
RHOS products, what to use when? Should I follow Red Hat customer
portal docs or Upstream Docs?
* People are still not clear about RDO, its goal and its role in OpenStack.
* Do we have a list of projects from which TripleO is formed? and
better tracking of the component version we release under TripleO.
* How users can contribute to TripleO and OpenStack through feedback
(as many of them even do not know about IRC)

On a positive note, we saw many people interested and trying out TripleO.

Chandan Kumar
Janki Chhatbar

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