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[rdo-list] NOTICE: Mailing list changes, Tuesday October 24th


On Tuesday, October 24th, we will have an outage of the rdo-list mailing list, starting at 10:30 JST (01:30 UTC) and potentially lasting until 12:00 JST (03:00 UTC).

During this time, we will be migrating rdo-list redhat com to two new mailing lists - dev lists rdoproject org and users lists rdoproject org  You will, initially, be subscribed to both of these lists. You can unsubscribe according to the usual formula, eg sending a blank message to dev-unsubscribe lists rdoproject org 

The purpose of these lists are, respectively, development and user discussions.

New messages to those lists should be sent to those email addresses. Messages to the old rdo-list email address will receive an auto-response with the above information. The page at http://rdoproject.org/contribute/mailing-lists/ will also be updated to reflect this information.

At the same time, the rdo-infra redhat com mailing list will move to infra lists rdoproject org with existing subscriptions copied over. No action is necessary to remain on that list. Likewise, the rdo-newsletter mailing list will be moved to newsletter lists rdoproject org 

Please let us (Myself and Marc "Duck" Dequenes) know immediately of any concerns around these changes.


Rich Bowen - rbowen redhat com
@rbowen // @rdocommunity // @CentOSProject
859 351 9166

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