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[rdo-list] [Heads-up] Do not merge reviews on stable branches.


we're experimenting network failures in CI which fails CBS stable builds merge.
In some cases, CBS builds succeed but CI job will fail and do not get merged.

If you merge other reviews in-between, it ends up with us having CBS
stable builds
inconsistent with spec files. So what's the big deal with it?
Changes you'd expect to be shipped in CBS stable builds won't as the
CBS build will be
based on a spec that was never in the pristine git repository. In the
end, if there are issues
with CBS builds, it will be harder to bisect the commit causing the failure.

So before merging anything in stable branches:
1. check if there are any other open reviews.
2. if it has generated a stable build in CBS. If yes, -W your review
until we merge the other review.
Otherwise -W the other review.
3. If it's confusing, do not merge anything and request input from
core packagers.

What to do if you merged a review and created an inconsistency?
Ping me, because I have to fix it manually (merge reviews, bump
package, and do a manual CBS build
in short) until CI network failures are fixed.


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