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Re: [rdo-list] [CentOS-devel] [Minutes] RDO meeting - 2017-09-13

On Wed, Sep 13, 2017 at 1:56 PM, Haïkel Guémar <hguemar redhat com> wrote:
> On 13/09/17 18:34, Ken Dreyer wrote:
>> There was some discussion here about ceph-ansible requiring Ansible
>> 2.3.2, and how CentOS Extras only includes Ansible 2.3.1.
> RDO can be more aggressive with updates but we try to stay as close as
> possible from RHEL/CentOS base repositories.
> 2.3.2 allows us to test against next Ansible release and it will only be in
> -testing for now. We might decide to stick with 2.3.1 in -release repo.

Thanks. I'm curious, when you push things to -testing, is it *always*
the case that you expect it to go into -release one day? Or are there
some things that you know for certain will never go from -testing to

>> I wasn't aware of the specific Ansible 2.3.2 requirement. Can you
>> share more details? Should we update the "(Build)Requires: ansible >=
>>" lines in ceph-ansible.spec?
> For now, keep it to 2.3.1, when CentOS extras will get updated 2.3.2 will be
> fine.

Thanks Haïkel! I've made that change in
https://github.com/ceph/ceph-ansible/pull/1901 . It will be in the
next release of ceph-ansible after 3.0.0rc7, probably 3.0.0rc8.

- Ken

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