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[rdo-list] ceph-ansible auto builds in cbs.centos.org

Hi folks,

TL;DR new ceph-ansible tags are automatically built in the CentOS Storage SIG.

The RDO team members have been building ceph-related RPMs in the
CentOS Storage SIG, including ceph-ansible. Specifically this has been
handled by Giulio Fidente and John Fulton on the OpenStack (RDO/OSP)

The reason is that TripleO relies on ceph-ansible to install Ceph, and
TripleO expects to install a ceph-ansible RPM. So RDO depends on the
ceph-ansible CBS builds.

In the past Giulio had been doing these CentOS builds by hand,
rebuilding upstream SRPMs from shaman.ceph.com, for example

I have a job running in an internal Jenkins instance that now polls
https://github.com/ceph/ceph-ansible every hour and builds any new Git
tags within CBS. An example is
http://cbs.centos.org/koji/taskinfo?taskID=227958 , although that was
"scratch = True", and future builds will not be scratch builds. It is
using the script at https://github.com/ktdreyer/ceph-ansible-cbs

Next steps:

- automatically tag new builds into storage7-ceph-luminous-testing
- automatically tag new builds into storage7-ceph-luminous-release

Anyone in RDO have suggestions for how we should gate these next CBS
tagging operations? My simple approach was going to be "tag into
-testing immediately, then wait two weeks and tag into -release". If
there is a simple way to have safer, automatic gating here, I'm open
to that.

- Ken

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