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Re: [rdo-list] ceph-ansible auto builds in cbs.centos.org

On Mon, Sep 18, 2017 at 2:55 PM, John Fulton <johfulto redhat com> wrote:
> For which repos are you doing this? I.e. what subset of the following
> is this now the case for?
>  echo ceph-{jewel,luminous}-{release,testing,candidate}

Great question. Currently this is only affecting
ceph-{jewel,luminous}-candidate only.

The other four, ceph-{jewel,luminous}-{release,testing} are not yet automated.

I've made some updates to my script at
https://github.com/ktdreyer/ceph-ansible-cbs. The relevant changes:

 - All new ceph-ansible v3 Git tags are now built in the -jewel CBS
build target.

 - These builds are immediately tagged into the CBS
-luminous-candidate tag as well.

The next steps I'm interested in implementing:

 - Automatically tagging builds into -jewel-testing and -luminous-testing too.

I have a hunch that rdoinfo could handle some of this, but it's not
completely clear to me how that works. I think I will need another
"for dummies" walkthrough of that :)

- Ken

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