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[rdo-list] RDO-Infra Sprint meeting - Sep 25


Here’s the highlights from TripleO CI Squad meeting from September 25

As many of you are aware, we are changing the way the team work, and instead of each member work on their own silo, we are now focused on work together to solve one epic task that will involve all the members. In other words, to work as a real team.

We are also adopting the Ruck and Rover methodologie, where every week one person will be responsible for monitoring the TripleO and RDO CI and reporting issues, releasing the rest of the team of this duty in order to focus on improvements in our CI. You can read more about Ruck and Rover here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ruckman_(Australian_rules_football)

We are going to work on sprints of one week each one, however, for this particular sprint, we are going to work on that for two weeks, since this is the first one and we are experimenting how things will go on.

If you have any questions, suggestions please let us know. Your feedback is very important to us!

Kind regards,

Arx Cruz

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