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Re: [rdo-list] [Proposal] Improve clients maintenance on Fedora

On September 28, 2017 12:56 pm, Haïkel wrote:

If you're not aware, RDO is still maintaining OpenStack clients on Fedora.
As many developers, end-users of RDO are using Fedora, it is important
to provide at least
client-side utilities so that more people can use OpenStack.

I must admit, I'm doing a poor job as it's still semi-manual and we have to
deal with sync issues.

To improve that situation, I will be working on improving the tooling but also
came up with this proposal to distribute the load.

1. create an OpenStack SIG within Fedora, initial members will be current
RDO provenpackagers and volunteers
2. transfer ownership of all OpenStack packages to the SIG.
This will enable any SIG member to sync packages.
3. set up more reliable automation to do the sync (will still required
to be run by a human
to handle manual merges)

Should we investigate a fedpkg/bodhi/koji integration so that packages
are built in fedora once an update is merged on review.rdoproject.org?


4. set up proper CI to test clients on a weekly basis.

All development will still happen in RDO gerrit, all discussions will
happen during RDO weekly

I plan to submit this + improvements that will be suggested in this
thread to the next meeting,
so speak up :)


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