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[Rdo-newsletter] RDO Community Newsletter, July 2013

Thanks for being part of the RDO community!

You're on our initial subscriber list because you spoke with us at a conference, or because you've signed up for the RDO forum. If you don't want to be on the list, please let us know, and we'll remove you immediately. Or you can manage your own subscription at http://red.ht/11amemL

We're excited about this first edition of our monthly newsletter. We're hoping that you find it useful, and that you encourage your colleagues to sign up for future editions. They can sign up at that same address, above.

If you haven't already joined us on the RDO Community site, please do. We're at http://bit.ly/17OFGsc and there's a lot of great discussion there around RDO and OpenStack deployment and configuration.

Please respond to our user survey

An early post on the RDO forum was a request for you to tell us about your experience with RDO. We really want to know how you're using RDO, and what your plans are with OpenStack in general. Would you consider responding to that thread, at http://bit.ly/14JfaKk in the forum, and telling us your story?

Setting up an NFS share for Nova instances
In addition to the RDO forum and community website (http://bit.ly/17OFGsc ) there's also the rdo-list mailing list ( http://red.ht/18qNAqX ) where you have direct access to the engineers who are working on RDO, as well as on the upstream OpenStack project. If you prefer a mailing list to a forum, this is the righe place for you.

In a recent posting, Kashyap Chamarthy shares his notes on configuring Nova to use NFS for storage: http://red.ht/13lovvj

We're on IRC

For those of you who prefer a more immediate kind of connection, or if you want to learn by listening in on the conversations of other RDO users, we've started the #rdo channel on the Freenode IRC network.

The channel usually has several OpenStack developers on it who can answer your RDO questions, or questions about OpenStack in general

If you're not already an IRC user, there are dozens of Open Source IRC clients available for whatever operating system you're using, or you can use the web chat client at http://bit.ly/1b1ZKpz

Fedora 19 images available for OpenStack

The Fedora team is right on the cusp of releasing Fedora 19, and there's a RC3 (Release Candidate 3) image that you can deploy on your OpenStack installation. You can read more about it in the RDO forum, at http://bit.ly/14JfAjW

RDO will be at OSCon

The O'Reilly Open Source Convention will be held in Portland, Oregon, July 22-26.

Once again this year, there will be a big OpenStack presence at OSCon, and RDO will be there too. We'll be in the RedHat booth (#217), and we'll also be hanging out at the OpenStack Pavilion.

There will be a reception in the Expo Hall on Tuesday night from 5-6pm, and then we'll also be there all day Wednesday and Thursday.

 If you're going to be at OSCon, please drop by and say hello.
OpenStack at Red Hat Summit

RDO and OpenStack had a lot to say at the Red Hat Summit a few weeks ago in Boston. Along with the exciting announcements around Red Hat's new OpenStack offerings (See http://bit.ly/11Um80P ) there was a lot of great OpenStack content in the conference.

Fortunately, a lot of that content was recorded, and you can watch some of it at http://bit.ly/129AZzX

RDO also had a booth there, and we had a drawing for a couple of Nexus 4's. Congratulations to Jean-François Saucier and Gerald Nazareth who won the drawing, and many thanks to the hundreds of you who stopped by to chat with us and learn more about RDO and OpenStack.

Until next time ...

Thanks again for being part of the RDO community. Please drop by and see us at the RDO forum - http://bit.ly/16JICll - and at OSCon. We're looking forward to the coming months, and would love to hear what you're doing with RDO.


Rich and Dave, for the RDO Community Team

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