[Rdo-newsletter] RDO Newsletter: October 2013

Rich Bowen rbowen at redhat.com
Tue Oct 1 14:04:41 UTC 2013

Thanks for being part of the RDO community! RDO is the latest stable
OpenStack packaged for RHEL, CentOS, Fedora, and derivative
distributions, making it as easy as possible to deploy OpenStack on
the industry's most trusted Linux platforms.

It's been an exciting and busy month for RDO, and we have even more
planned for October and beyond.

September Events:

Since the last newsletter, there have been a number of events around
RDO. We're keeping track of upcoming events in the RDO wiki, at
http://openstack.redhat.com/Events so if you have any RDO or
OpenStack events that you'd like to promote to the RDO community,
please go ahead and add them there, so that we can help you get the
word out.

On September 10th and 11th, we had the Havana RDO Test Day
- http://openstack.redhat.com/RDO_Test_Day_September_2013 - where we
tested various scenarios on RDO OpenStack. We had dozens of people
participate in testing, and 15 testers opened 29 Bugzilla tickets.
The 'Tested Setups' page - http://openstack.redhat.com/TestedSetups -
is an ongoing effort to track the status of these tickets, as well as
other common scenarios, and their progress from one release of RDO to
another. If you're testing RDO, please update that page with your
results, so that we can continue to make RDO better.

LinuxCon North America was in New Orleans during the week of
September 16, and Rich was there working in the OpenStack booth with
community members from various other OpenStack member companies. We
had great conversations with people using OpenStack on various
platforms for various kinds of tasks, from deploying VMs for Computer
Science students at East Carolina University to managing low-energy
server hardware at the Servergy. It's exciting to be part of such a
fast-moving project, spanning so many companies and use cases.

On September 24th, we hosted a Google Hangout where Dave Neary gave
an overview of OpenStack networking with Neutron. Although it's hard
to get exact numbers, it appears that around 65 people attended,
despite the technical difficulties we had getting the Hangout going.
You can watch the recording of the event at
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=afImoFeuDnY And we're hoping to have
more of these in the coming months. You should watch the RDO forum -
http://openstack.redhat.com/forum/ - for an announcement of date and

Upcoming Events:

There's a lot coming up in October, and, once again, we encourage you
to watch the events page in the wiki, and to add events that you know
about so that we can help you get the word out.

This week in Paris is the Open World Forum -
http://openworldforum.org/ - covering a wide range of Open Source
topics. A number of members of the RDO community will be giving talks
there - Dave Neary will be there presenting on the Open Hybrid Cloud
- http://openworldforum.org/en/tracks/21#talk_87 , Steve Hardy will
be speaking about Heat and Orchestration in OpenStack -
http://www.openworldforum.org/en/tracks/21#talk_93 , and Hervé
Lemaitre will be speaking about building an open hybrid cloud with
Open Source - http://www.openworldforum.org/en/tracks/8#talk_175

On October 3rd, OpenStack France is having another meetup -
http://www.meetup.com/OpenStack-France/events/133517702/ , and on
December 6th, the Swiss OpenStack User Group will be holding a meetup
at CERN - http://www.meetup.com/openstack-ch/events/138151562/

Later in the month - October 21-23 - many of the Red Hat OpenStack
team will be at LinuxCon Europe, CloudOpen, and the KVM Forum in
Edinburgh, Scotland - 
We would love to talk with you about what you're doing with RDO, so please
drop me a note (rbowen at redhat.com) if you're going to be there, and
we'll work something out.

October 17th is an exciting date in the OpenStack community. That's
the day when OpenStack Havana will be released. With the great
success of the test day in September, we'd like to do a followup test
day after the Havana release. But with so many of us travelling the
week after the release, we're planning to do this next test day on
October 29th and 30th. You can find out more about this event at
http://openstack.redhat.com/RDO_Test_Day_October_2013 and in the RDO
forums as we get closer to the event. We would love to have you join
us and kick the tires on this new release, and our packaging of it.

By the time the next edition of the newsletter goes out, we'll be on
the way to Hong Kong for the OpenStack Summit -
http://www.openstack.org/summit/openstack-summit-hong-kong-2013/ It's
the big event for OpenStack developers and users, and it would be
great to see you there. The agenda has just been published, at
http://openstacksummitnovember2013.sched.org/ and there's a lot of
great content, including presentations on RDO.


Participation in the RDO wiki has been way up over the last month,
and we have some great new articles to help you understand OpenStack.

There's a new article explaining the difference between floating IPs
and private IPs -

A writeup of using Neutron with your existing external network came
in through the forum and is now in the wiki at

There's this new writeup of deploying an application using Heat -

And, one more, an article on deploying RDO using Foreman -

If you have something that you'd like to add to the conversation,
please sign up and start writing. Your insight and examples on
deploying OpenStack may help someone else who's doing a similiar
thing. Don't worry if it's not polished or eloquent - the important
thing is to capture the content, and other can help polish it later.

User Stories:

Speaking of your story, we want to hear what you're doing with
OpenStack, and particularly with RDO. If you're using RDO, we'd like
to hear about what you're doing, how you're doing it, and what you
had to do to make things work. I'd like to talk with you, either via
email, or speak with you, to get some of these stories written down.
It's inspiring to the development team to see how their work is being
used, and it's encouraging to new users of OpenStack to hear about
other folks successfully deploying OpenStack.

We'd also like to hear from you about what gives you the biggest
problems in using RDO, or what you really love about it. We're
looking towards doing the next series of usability improvements, and
we want to be sure that we're in sync with you on what those should
be. Please start a conversation on the forum if there's something
that you find to be annoying or inconvenient that we could improve.
Or, if you have a particular problem and work through it, tell us
what the problem was and how you solved it, so that we can start
thinking about ways to avoid that problem. It's also a big help to
others facing the same problem

Either way, drop by the RDO forum -
http://openstack.redhat.com/forum/ - and tell us all about it.

In Closing:

Thanks again for being part of the RDO community. Please invite your
friends to sign up for the list, at
https://www.redhat.com/mailman/listinfo/rdo-newsletter and send them
to the RDO Forum with their OpenStack questions.

Rich, for the RDO Community
Twitter: @RDOCommunity
Google+: https://plus.google.com/communities/110409030763231732154

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