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silky kernel 2.2.18 RPMs


Based upon Red Hat Rawhide kernel-2.2.17-8.src.rpm, so all of the standard
kernel features that you expect from Red Hat kernels apply (new style
software raid, lm_sensors, etc). Differences include:

- upgraded to kernel version 2.2.18
- upgraded to pcmcia-cs version 3.1.22. 
- bigmem patch pulled -- it's a pain to maintain and I don't even
        have any machines that would benefit from it.
- BOOT and enterprise (bigmem) kernels not included. Again, I don't use
        these anyway.
- added Andre Hedrick's IDE driver update patch
- added alsa sound card drivers 0.5.10
- pcmcia modules are compiled for SMP kernels.
- added reiserfs 3.5.28 (modularized)
- added Lennert Buytenhek's bridging patch from 
- added DPT SmartRaid V beta driver v1.14 from
- added ieee1394 (firewire) patch from http://linux1394.sourceforge.net/
- added Voodoo3 TV driver from http://sourceforge.net/projects/v3tv/

Compiled and (briefly) tested on my Red Hat Linux 7.0 machines. Your
mileage may vary.

If there's a kernel patch that you need but can't figure out how to
integrate on your own, let me know where to get it and I'll try to include
it in a future kernel RPM.

Ed Schlunder <eschlund ajusd org>
"Outlook not so good." That magic 8-ball knows everything! I'll ask about
Exchange Server next.

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