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TUX 1.0 released

TUX 1.0

This is the first binary release of TUX. TUX is a kernel-based, threaded,
extremely high performance HTTP server. It is able to efficiently and
safely serve both static and dynamic data. TUX moves the HTTP protocol
stack to the kernel, and can handle requests for data with both kernel-space
and user-space modules.

This source and binary release of TUX is for Red Hat Linux 6.2 and Red Hat
Linux 7.0.

How to get TUX

You can download TUX 1.0 from:


What you'll find there:


  This is the TUX kernel, compiled for i686 SMP.

  These are the TUX user space support utilities.
Users of Red Hat Linux 6.2 will also need the following packages:


Note for Red Hat Linux 6.2 users: to install these packages, 
you must use RPM version 3.0.5. This is available in the current
updates for Red Hat Linux 6.2; to download, go to:

Source RPMs for all packages are available.

The TUX mailing list

There is a mailing list for the discussion of tux. To subscribe, Send
mail to tux-list-request redhat com with


in the subject line. You can leave the body empty.


Support for TUX is available. If you are interested in TUX Web Server
support, see

for details.

Redhat-watch-list mailing list
Redhat-watch-list redhat com

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