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ethereal 0.8.12 RPM

RPMs Built and Announced at about Thu Sep 14 14:53:32 2000 CEST .

   ethereal-0.8.12-1.src.rpm					1495130
   ethereal-0.8.12-1.i386.rpm					1536763

Main archive at: http://ethereal.zing.org/distribution/rpms/
Mirror location: ftp://ftp.falsehope.com/home/gomez/

RPMs are built with rpm version 3.0.4 under Redhat 6.1 + updates + helix
code :


Name        : ethereal                     Relocations: /usr 
Version     : 0.8.12                            Vendor: (none)
Release     : 1                             Build Date: Thu 14 Sep 2000
02:53:32 PM CEST
Install date: Thu 14 Sep 2000 03:04:22 PM CEST      Build Host: hgo1.cs
Group       : X11/Applications/Networking   Source RPM:
Size        : 4236602                          License: GPL
Packager    : Henri Gomez <gomez slib fr>
URL         : http://ethereal.zing.org
Summary     : Network traffic analyzer
Description :
Ethereal is a network traffic analyzer for Unix-ish operating systems.
It is based on GTK+, a graphical user interface library, and libpcap,
a packet capture and filtering library.
* Thu Sep 14 2000 Henri Gomez <hgomez slib fr>

- 0.8.12
  OSPF enhancements (Craig Metz)
  Buffer-overflow protection with snprintf (Gilbert)
  Add "Save As" feature to TCP Follow dialogue (Gilbert)
  NFS update (Guy)
  Show correct IP cksum if cksum in packet is incorrect
(Johannes Hennecke elsa de, Gilbert, Guy)
  Fixes for srvloc (Guy, Peter Kjellerstedt)
  Reorganize Win32 README (Gilbert)
  ICQ updates (Peter Kjellerstedt)
  ICMP proto_tree fix (Guy)
  Filter dialogue GUI fix (Guy)
  Fix rlogin "fd" assumption (Guy)
  Packet-length fixes in various dissectors (Guy)
  Add preferences to OSI CLNP/COTP/CLTP (Laurent)
  Dissector tables allow for tvbuff and non-tvbuff dissectors (Guy)
  Code cleanup (Laurent, Guy)
  SMB fix (Richard)
  Add scripts to turn lists of protocols and filterable fields, as produced
by "ethereal -G", to SGML (Richard)
  RPC updates (Uwe)
  NLM v1 updates (Uwe)
  Add Help window (Laurent)
  Improve add_host_name fill IP host hasthable from DNS answers (Laurent)
  Add doc strings to ncp2222.py (Gilbert)
  Fix display of IPv6 frag header in proto_tree (Santeri Paavolainen)
  Add wiretap support for Cisco Secure Intrusion Detection System IPLog
format (Mike Hall, Gilbert)
  Allow "filtering" in TCP Follow Save As, i.e., save entire conversation,
or either half of the conversation (C->S, S->C) (Gilbert, Laurent)
  Doco update (Guy)
  BOOTP fix (Phil Techau)
  Fix Help|About order (Guy)
  Add #defines to DNS dissector (Guy)
  Fix compilation in non-source directory (Laurent)
  Add ethertypes (Laurent)
  Add routines for fetching little-endian and big-endian 64-bit integral
quantities, if G_HAVE_GINT64 is defined (Guy)
  ISIS CLV fix (Laurent)
  Add proto_tree_add_text_valist (Laurent)
  make-reg-dotc fix (Guy)
  header-file inclusion fixes (Laurent)
  Add Kerberos 5 dissector (Wes Hardaker, Guy, Gilbert)
  Speedup of random access to compressed ngsniffer files (Guy)
  LLC non-SNAP fix (Guy)
  snprintf fixes (Guy)
  "TCP follow" support for TCP over IPv6 (Laurent)
  Add RSH dissector (Robert Tsai)
  Add HPUX doco and patches (Guy)
  Better handling of failing to open capture device (Guy)
  Cope with Linux ISDN packet headers (Guy)
  Enable/disable particular protocols (Laurent, Uwe)
  Small RPC and NFS fix (Uwe)
  Preferences GUI updates (Laurent, Guy, Gilbert)
  Packet deselection fix (Guy)
  Re-organize popup menu (Laurent)
  GUI convenience function updates (Guy)
  DNS A6 records are now RFC 2874, not i-d (itojun)
  Add support for draft-ietf-ipngwg-icmp-name-lookups-06.txt (ICMP node
information query) (itojun)
  Gryphon plugin fix (Laurent)
  Plugin fix (Laurent)
  Add Zebra dissector (Jochen, Guy)
  ICMPv6 dissector alignment fix (itojun)
  Add port type for SCTP ports (Michael Tuexen)
  Potential buffer overflow fixes (Laurent)
  Add info to summary window (Laurent)
  Add initial support for SMTP dissector (Richard, Laurent)
  Choose bold font from normal-weight font name (Guy)
  Font fixes (Laurent)
  BGP display filter fix (Laurent)
  Ascend display filter fix (Laurent)
  Ability to mark frames with middle mouse button. (Laurent)
  Tethereal initialization fix (Guy)
  NCP fix (Gilbert)
  Remove "Decode IPv4 TOS field as DiffServ field" from display options
  Add a help context identifier to the status bar (Laurent)
  Fix CLEANUP_* macros in exceptions code (Gilbert)
  LDAP dissector fix (Guy)
  RPC packet-state fix (Guy)
  Name updates to stuff in GSS authentication for ONC RPC (Dug Song)
  Update doco (Guy, Laurent)
  libpcap->wiretap encapsulation type mapping fix for new DLT_ types (Guy)
  LLC fix (Guy)
  pptp fix (Laurent)
  vines fix (Laurent)
  NFS v2 READDIR fix (Guy)
  Add FT_STRINGZ type (Gilbert)
  Move pointer-integer functions (pntohl, et al) to separate file (Gilbert)
  Add initial support for BXXP (Richard)
  Fix method for building list of network interfaces (Uwe, with tip o' hat
to W. Richard Stevens)
  GIOP endianness fix (Gilbert)
  Random character in help dialogue fix (Laurent)
  Change wtap_read() parameter list to avoid hacks in some wiretap modules
  g_malloc()/g_free() fixes (Guy)
  New tvbuff routines (Gilbert, Richard)
  libsnmp.so loading fix (Guy)
  Use inverse video instead of boldface in hex dump (Graham Bloice, Guy)
  Ability to choose fixed-width font as a GUI preference (Guy)
  Default to "6x13" rather than Lucida Typewriter, as not all X servers have
Lucida Typewriter (Guy)
  Comment-out Cut/Copy/Paste items in Edit menu (Guy)
  redraw_hex_dump fixes (Guy)
  Negative relative and delta timestamp fixes (Guy)
  Move some string functions out of packet.c and into strutil.c (Gilbert)
  OSPF fixes (Craig Metz)
  Avoid assert in tvbuff when creating packet of bogus reported_length
  Don't allow hf_text_only to be in the display filter language (Gilbert)
  Win32 .cvsignore additions (Graham)

* Mon Aug 21 2000 Henri Gomez <hgomez slib fr>

- 0.8.11
  Set locale in tethereal (Guy)
  Dialog box utility routines (Guy)
  Modal window fixes (Guy)
  GUI cleanups (Guy)
  Add support for preferences (Guy)
  IPv4 DiffServ is a preference (Guy)
  Add strcasecmp.c for those systems that need it, like SINIX-M (Uwe)
  BOOTP magic cookie fix, option-dissection fix (Guy)
  SNMPv3 fix for security model values 1 and 2 (Guy)
  Make AH payload dissection placement a preference (Gilbert)
  Timestamp display fix (Guy)
  CLNP TSAP fix (Guy)
  NFS filehandle dissection for ReliantUNIX and Linux nfsd/knfsd (Uwe)
  TCP summary info in protocol tree is an option (Gilbert)
  OSPF enhancements and fixes (Michael Rozhavsky)
  inet_aton()-related build fixes (Guy)
  UDP has heuristic dissector table, and uses it for RPC (Uwe)
  Dissection of RPCSEC_GSS credentials in ONC RPC (Dug Song)
  DNSSEC additions/name changes (Jakob Schlyter)
  Error message cleanups (Guy)
  DNS support for MS's WINS and WINS-R resource records (Guy)
  tvbuff-ication of H1 dissector, and response identifier display change
(Gerrit Gehnen)
  SCTP dissector (Michael Tuexen icn siemens de)
  Capture-window titlebar fix (Gilbert)
  Support for building SVR4 binary packages (Gerald)
  proto_tree/dfilter interaction change (Gilbert)
  Fix URL for libpcap (Guy)
  Improved autogen.sh script (Bruce Korb)
  Add "debian" target to Makefile (Olivier)
  Tethereal packet-count and new-line fix (Gilbert)
  SNMP "agent address" trap PDU display fix (Guy)
  Support for many more DHCP options (Jose Pedro Oliveira)
  Compiler-warning fixes in wiretap (Guy)
  Reset "visited" flag when rescanning a file (Gilbert)
  Add RPM and SRPM build targets (Gerald)
  Another shot at the undead libpcap monster fix (i.e., extra info in
headers for ss990915 libpcap) (Guy)
  Add aclocal-flags to fix build headaches (Guy)
  In proto_tree_add_item(), access tvbuff before adding anything to
proto_tree. (Gilbert)
  Add Quake 1 dissector (Uwe)
  GIOP dissector warns about unsupported GIOP versions (Gilbert)
  dfilter2pod build fix (Gilbert)
  Re-write of NCP dissector. Adds python to build. :) (Gilbert)
  Fix Edit->Filters...->Apply (Richard)
  Add DIAMETER dissector (David Frascone)
  Display TCP RST data as text, as per RFC 1122 (Guy, with tip o' hat to
Kevin Steves)
  Support for capturing from a pipe (FIFO or STDIN). (Olivier)
  Cross-platform build fixes (Guy)
  Fix directory-checking routines (Guy)
  Display filters now work on string types (Gilbert)
  Initial templates for decoding all 4 NLM protocol versions (Uwe)

* Tue Jul 04 2000 Henri Gomez <hgomez slib fr>

- 0.8.10
  Code cleanup (Gilbert)
  Assign port 1052 to DDTP (Olivier)
  Add syslog dissector (Gerald)
  Build cleanup (Guy)
  X11 dissector (Christophe, Guy)
  RPC cleanup (Guy)
  tvbuffication (Olivier, Gilbert)
  Remove dead tos_str symbol (itojun)
  More manufacturer ether codes (Gaetan Soltesz <gaetan cisco com>)
  Support for capturing on Linux ATM interfaces (Mark Clayton)
  NG Sniffer file reading fixes (Joerg, Guy)
  Make 'tethereal -h' look similar to 'ethereal -h' (Joerg)
  Support for "Update list of packets in real time" on Win32 (Graham)
  Win32 makefile dependency fix (Graham)
  Fix for people who don't read the FAQ. I.e., fix for calling
snmp_set_full_objid(0 in packet-snmp.c (Guy)
  OSI fix (Guy)
  ISIS fix (Guy)
  AFS volume name display fix (Guy)
  tvbtest enhancements (Guy)
  Treat TCP follow temp file as binary, for Win32 (Guy)
  Read NetXRay 2.002 files (Joerg, Guy)
  Fix octet string buffer overflow in packet-snmp.c (Guy)
  asn1.c/packet-snmp.c code cleanup (Guy)
  Variable name ("cf"/"cfile") cleanup (Ben Fowler)
  GUI-code enhancements (Guy)
  Wiretap enhancements (Guy)
  Support for OSI CLTP (Guy)
  ISAKMP padding fix (Guy)
  GUI progress bar change (Guy)
  Debian build-file fix (Olivier)

* Tue Jun 06 2000 Henri Gomez <hgomez slib fr>

- 0.8.9
  Timestamps in RTP summary column (Jason Lango)
  Fix build warnings (Ron Flory)
  Make our GtkCList sortable (Graham Bloice)
  Use F<> instead of B<> for files in man pages (Guy)
  Fix a type IP packet counter (Gerald)
  Build fixes (Gilbert, Guy)
  Rename "private" to "dump", to avoid C++ reserved word (Guy)
  Add tvbuff class and exceptions module (Gilbert, Guy)
  Convert dissectors to use tvbuffs (Gilbert, Olivier, Guy)
  Support ISAKMP Configuration Method (Yaniv Kaul)
  Fix tethereal/wiretap error-reporting bug (Gilbert)
  Add sample Makefile for regression testing (Gilbert)
  Dissect substring filters in packet-ldap.c (Guy)
  Fix wtap.h typo (Alan Harrison)
  Change usage of 'fd' in file.c (Ben Fowler)
  Fix endian bug in ngsniffer.c (Guy)
  Fix smb-pipe NetServEnum (Guy)
  Fix VTP to correctly add ipv4 address to proto_tree (Guy)
  cf->current_frame fix for correctly displaying GtkCList (Guy)
  SMUX and SNMPv3 support (Jochen Friedrich)
  Fix snmp-less build (Guy)
  Show Ethernet trailer (Gilbert)
  Old-style fixes for bounds checking (Guy, Gilbert)
  Make proto_tree_is_visible false more of the time (Guy)
  Support for GRE over IPX (Paul Ionescu)
  Move psuedo_header out of frame_data structure to save memory. Required
changes in wiretap, too. (Guy)
  Doco fixes (Guy)
  Mark DCHP packets as DHCP, using bootp.dhcp flag. (Paul Ionescu)
  Fix randpkt.c for new wtap_dump() (Gilbert)
  Correctly handle 0-length FT_BYTES (Gilbert)
  Header file fixes (Guy, Gilbert)
  SMUX-related fix (Guy)
  More wiretap zlib fixes (Guy)
  Detect Cisco and Novell type IPX packets (Paul Ionescu)
  Close the capture file descriptor (Mark Burton, Guy)
  More ISAKMP additions (Yaniv Kaul, Guy)
  Support for EIGRP over Appletalk and IPX (Paul Ionescu)
  Fix display of IP fragment (Scott Howard)
  Fix for Linux ISDN ippp devices (Gilbert)
  Change handling of capture_ppp() (Gilbert)
  SMB fixes (Mark Burton)
  Support for reading compressed Sniffer fils (Tim Farley, Joerg, Guy)
  GTK dialogue fixes (Guy)
  Incorporate gtkclist.c from GTK+ 1.2.8 (Guy)
  Initial SCTP support (Michael Tuexen)
  Support for Mobile IP dissection (Stefan Raab, Gilbert, Guy)
  Fix for X.25 dbit (Gilbert)
  Enable more dissector handoff tables (Guy)
  Win32 build enhancements (Graham Bloice)
  X.25 LCN display fix (Olivier)
  C/C++ typedef fixes (Guy, Andreas Sikkema)
  Change proto_tree_add_*() calls to find more errors at compile time (Guy)
  Fix plugin function pointer table (Gilbert)
  Add "Enable name resolution" check box to File Open dialogue (Gilbert)
  Fix RSVP for Resv Tear Confirm message (Gilbert)
  Show ICMP sequence number as two bytes instead of integer of
unknown-endianness (Gilbert)
  Add gtk_set_locale() to main (Kaoru Kusunoki)
  Make dissect_ah() use dissector handoff tables (Gilbert)
  Fix L2TP dissector to call dissect_ppp() (Gilbert)
  Support for COPS (Heikki)

* Tue May 09 2000 Henri Gomez <hgomez slib fr>

- 0.8.8
  Implement dissector tables for various protocols (Gilbert, Guy)
  Add "visited" flag to each frame (Gilbert, Guy)
  Renamed the DHIS protocol to DDTP (Olivier)
  Change win32 port to build as a Windows (non-console) program (Guy)
  Improved display of FTP data (Richard)
  Add icon and resource for Win32 ethereal (Graham Bloice)
  OSI fix (Guy)
  Wiretap code cleanup (Guy)
  Updates to OSI CLNP, CLTP, ISIS. Added OSI ESIS (Ralf Schneider)
  Per-frame data allocation (Richard)
  Update NCP code to use conversation types (Guy)
  Fix checksum option decoding in CC/CR TPDU in CLNP dissector (Laurent)
  Detect compressed A/C PPP fields (Greg Kilfoyle)
  Support for decoding MS Proxy protocol (Jeff Foster)
  Fragmented IPv6 fix (Guy)
  Fixes to LPD dissector (Matthijs Melchior <mmelchior lucent com>)
  Support for RTCP and RTP (Jason Lango)
  RTSP fixes (Guy)
  IPv4 dissector and doco fix (Ben Fowler <wapdev leedsnet com>)
  Add proto_tree_add_int_format() (Gilbert)
  Support IPv6 name resolution A6 packet (itojun)
  Support AD and CD bit in RFC2535 section 6 (itojun)
  Add "-s" to editcap (Guy)
  Print spaces as spaces in hex dump pane (Gilbert, Guy)
  Don't dissect encrypted payload in ISAKMP packet (Guy)
  SINEC H1 fixes (Gerrit Gehnen)
  Plugin fixes (Gerrit Gehnen)
  Win32 build fixes (Graham Bloice)
  Doco updates (Guy)
  Menu fixes (Guy)
  Dialogue window helper functions (Guy)
  GUI button-cration functions (Guy)
  Speedups in token-ring dissector (Gilbert)
  Registration of lists of "heuristic" dissectors (Guy)
  Ethereal child process error-handling (Guy)
  Fix problems with dialoge windows popping up multiple times (Guy)

Unix is like a tipi -- no Gates, no Windows, and an Apache inside. 

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