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   RPMs Built and Announced at about Sat Feb 17 16:44:02 2001.

   smpeg-xmms-0.3.4-1.src.rpm                            137922
   smpeg-xmms-0.3.4-1rh62.i386.rpm                        34342

   Main archive is located at ftp://ftp.falsehope.com/pub/smpeg-xmms
   Mirror locations and build machine information listed below.

   RPMs are built with rpm version 3.0.5.
   Required programs listed are either updates or are not in the default
   RedHat 6.2 installation.

Name: smpeg-xmms                   Relocations: /usr 
Version: 0.3.4                             Vendor: 4Front Technologies <olle xmms org>
Release: 1                             Build Date: Sat 17 Feb 2001 04:42:44 PM CST
Install date: Sat 17 Feb 2001 04:43:17 PM CST      Build Host: hellstone.falsehope.com
Group: Applications/Multimedia       Source RPM: smpeg-xmms-0.3.4-1.src.rpm
Size: 85178                            License: GPL
Distribution: FalseHope RPMs
Packager: Ryan Weaver <ryanw infohwy com>
URL: http://www.xmms.org
Summary: XMMS SMPEG Plugin
A mpeg plugin for XMMS using SDL/smpeg as backend.

   Package                          Distribution (Or Url)
   SDL-1.1.8-1                 http://www.libsdl.org/
   glib-1.2.8-0_helix_1        Helix GNOME 0.2.1 (for Red Hat Linux 6.x)
   gtk+-1.2.8-0_helix_1        Helix GNOME 0.2.1 (for Red Hat Linux 6.x)
   smpeg-0.4.2-1               http://www.lokigames.com/development/smpeg.php3
   xmms-1.2.4-1.20010212cvs1   FalseHope RPMs

* Sat Feb 17 2001 Ryan Weaver <ryanw infohwy com>

- Initial RPM Build.


   RPMs are built on a Pentium II 400mhz w/256megs RAM with RedHat 6.2
   plus updates from ftp://updates.redhat.com installed.

   These files are also available on the following sites

PGP Key can be found at ftp://ftp.falsehope.com/pub/Ryan_Weaver.pgp.key
GPG Key can be found at ftp://ftp.falsehope.com/pub/Ryan_Weaver.gpg.key
| Ryan Weaver                        || emails: ryanw infohwy com          |
| Unix Systems Administrator         ||   ryanw linux com, ryanw xmms org  | 
| InfoHighway Communications         ||         fryguy freshmeat net       |
| Phone: (281) 447-7025              ||         fryguy falsehope com       |
| URL  : http://www.infohwy.com      ||         fryguy fryguy org          |

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