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   RPMs Built and Announced at about Wed Jan 10 11:29:31 2001.

   jwhois-2.4.2-1.src.rpm                                252902
   jwhois-2.4.2-1rh62.i386.rpm                            47433

   Main archive is located at ftp://ftp.falsehope.com/pub/jwhois
   Mirror locations and build machine information listed below.

   RPMs are built with rpm version 3.0.5.
   Required programs listed are either updates or are not in the default
   RedHat 6.2 installation.

Name: jwhois                       Relocations: /usr 
Version: 2.4.2                             Vendor: Jonas Oberg <jonas gnu org>
Release: 1                             Build Date: Wed 10 Jan 2001 11:29:08 AM CST
Install date: Wed 10 Jan 2001 11:29:18 AM CST      Build Host: hellstone.falsehope.com
Group: Applications/Internet         Source RPM: jwhois-2.4.2-1.src.rpm
Size: 101897                           License: GPL
Distribution: FalseHope RPMs
Packager: Ryan Weaver <ryanw infohwy com>
URL: http://www.gnu.org/software/jwhois
Summary: The GNU Whois client
JWHOIS is an Internet Whois client that queries hosts for information
according to RFC 954 - NICNAME/WHOIS. JWHOIS is configured via a
configuration file that contains information about all known Whois servers.
Upon execution, the host to query is selected based on the information
in the configuration file.

The configuration file is highly customizable and makes heavy use of
regular expressions.

   Standard Red Hat 6.2 installation

* Wed Jan 10 2001 Ryan Weaver <ryanw infohwy com>

- src/lookup.c (find_cidr): Fix for big endian machines
- src/jwhois.c (main): Better handling of cache errors (Pål Løberg)
- example/jwhois.conf: Added .in, .nu (Kandra Nygårds), .hk (Patrick Liu),
  .as (Pål Løberg), .gov.uk (Michael Stevens), .at (Alexander Lehmann)
- src/lookup.c (find_cidr): Match n bits in an /n block instead
  of 32-n (Tom Hughes, Emil LAURENTIU)
- po/ru.po: Added (from Dmitry G. Mastrukov)

* Mon Feb 14 2000 Ryan Weaver <ryanw infohwy com>

- jwhois now runs as user nobody aswell as group nobody so that the
  cached database isn't owned by 'the first user to run jwhois', thus
  affecting their quota. (Thanks to Oren Tirosh <oren hishome net>)
- Oren Tirosh <oren hishome net> also informed me that since he was the
  first one to make a rpm for jwhois, it was unkind of me to rewrite and
  maintain the rpm for jwhois without as least leaving his rpm changelog
  entries. Sorry Oren, I can no longer locate the old rpms to replace
  your entries.

* Thu Jan 27 2000 Ryan Weaver <ryanw infohwy com>

- example/jwhois.conf: Added more CIDR blocks
  Changed registry for .no and added -NORID handles (from Pål Løberg)
- configure.in: Added generation of jwhois.spec
- Makefile.am (EXTRA_DIST): Added distribution of jwhois.spec
- jwhois.spec.in: Added (from Ryan Weaver)
- src/jwhois.c (make_connect): Output [host]\n -before- doing a
  resolver query (speeds up output so the user doesn't think it's hung)
- src/utils.c (fdread): Check return value from read correctly
- example/jwhois.conf: corrected \. to be \\.

* Mon Jan 24 2000 Ryan Weaver <ryanw infohwy com>

- Made package relocatable.
- Including available locales now.
- Rewrote spec file.
- Made patch against source to include spec it distribution and sent it
  to the author.


   RPMs are built on a Pentium II 400mhz w/256megs RAM with RedHat 6.2
   plus updates from ftp://updates.redhat.com installed.

   These files are also available on the following sites

PGP Key can be found at ftp://ftp.falsehope.com/pub/Ryan_Weaver.pgp.key
GPG Key can be found at ftp://ftp.falsehope.com/pub/Ryan_Weaver.gpg.key
| Ryan Weaver                        || emails: ryanw infohwy com          |
| Unix Systems Administrator         ||   ryanw linux com, ryanw xmms org  | 
| InfoHighway Communications         ||         fryguy freshmeat net       |
| Phone: (281) 447-7025              ||         fryguy falsehope com       |
| URL  : http://www.infohwy.com      ||         fryguy fryguy org          |

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