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ANN: Cyrus IMAPd rpm packages


I have uploaded a new release of the rpm package set of Cyrus 
IMAPd (sIMAP, [s]POP3) server I maintain. Version is 2.0.14, 
release is 3rm. 

The URL is 


The packages are prepared, built and tested on a Red Hat Linux 
6.2 system, but I'm doing my best to make rebuilding the 
source rpm under Red Hat Linux 7 and 7.1 trouble-free. 

Support for interfacing with the Sendmail MTA and drac 
(Dynamic Relay Authorization Control Daemon) is selectable at 
build time (instructions are on the above URL and on the 
README.RPM file contained in the cyrus-imapd-doc sub-package). 

Source (recommended) and binary (Red Hat Linux 6.2/i386) 
packages are available. 

The packages are GPG signed. You can download my public key from

or from


Please report any problem, send patches, comments rants, ... to 
<rmrpms usa net> 

Changes since last release: 

- GPG sign the packages
- Change initscript strategy used to avoid killing Postfix master on 
   stop: copy fragments from /etc/init.d/functions of RHL 7.1
- Update to 2.0.14
- note about auth method in README.RPM
- Ship perl modules docs
- Add e2fsprogs prereq
- create -utils and perl-Cyrus sub-packages.
- remove rmnews manpage, feedcyrus tool.

Name: cyrus-imapd
Version: 2.0.14
Release: 3rm
Summary: A high-performance mail store with IMAP and POP3 support.
Copyright: BSD
Group: System Environment/Daemons
URL: http://asg.web.cmu.edu/cyrus/imapd/
Conflicts: imap

The Cyrus IMAP server is a scaleable enterprise mail system
designed for use from small to large enterprise environments using
standards-based technologies.

A full Cyrus IMAP implementation allows a seamless mail and bulletin
board environment to be set up across multiple servers. It differs from
other IMAP server implementations in that it is run on "sealed"
servers, where users are not normally permitted to log in. The mailbox
database is stored in parts of the filesystem that are private to the
Cyrus IMAP system. All user access to mail is through software using
the IMAP, POP3, or KPOP protocols.

This is the main package, install also the cyrus-imapd-doc package (it 
contains the documentation in html and plain text formats) and the 
cyrus-iampd-utils package (it contains server administration tools and
depends on the perl-Cyrus package).
This package has been built with the option of including Sendmail 
config files that helps implementing Cyrus IMAPd along with 
that MTA in the same system. You can install this package even 
if you are not using Sendmail because you must implement manually 
the use of these Sendmail-specific files and no system configuration 
file is automatically modified when you install this package.
This package has been built with support for the drac (dynamic relay 
authorization control) daemon. You can install this package even if 
you don't use drac because it is disabled by default in imapd.conf(5).

Name: cyrus-imapd-doc
Version: 2.0.14
Release: 3rm
Group: Documentation
Summary: Documentation files for Cyrus IMAPd administrators.

This package contains the documentation files for the Cyrus IMAPd 
server in html and text formats.

The main package is cyrus-imapd.

Name: perl-Cyrus
Version: 2.0.14
Release: 3rm
Group: Applications/CPAN
Summary: Cyrus IMAPd utility Perl modules.
Requires: cyrus-sasl >= 1.5.24-11, db3, openssl, perl

This package contains Perl modules neccessary to use the Cyrus server
administrative utilities.

The main package is cyrus-imapd.

Name: cyrus-imapd-utils
Version: 2.0.14
Release: 3rm
Group: Applications/System
Summary: Cyrus IMAPd server admin utilities.

This package contains Cyrus IMAPd server administraive tools. It 
can be installed on systems other than the one running the server.

This package depends on the perl-Cyrus package. The main package is

Name: cyrus-imapd-devel
Version: 2.0.14
Release: 3rm
Group: Development/Libraries
Summary: Cyrus IMAPd development files.

This package contains header files and libraries necessary for 
developing applications which use the imclient library.

The main package is cyrus-imapd.


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