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swhoisd: Simple Whois Daemon Packages Available ( -Reply)

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>>> redhat-announce-list 06/23/01 19:24 >>>

I have built RedHat Linux 7.1 packages for swhoisd,
Simple Whois Daemon.

Source and binary are available at

swhoisd is simpler to install and configure than the
RIPE whoisd and SRI whoisd, but uses a flat file instad of a database.
Therefore it is suitable only for small-scale whois directories.

swhoisd is a Simple Whois Daemon which provides the whois Internet directory
lookup service for small-scale use.

It is simpler to install and configure than the RIPE whoisd and SRI whoisd.

swhoisd was built with RedHat 7.1
 rpm -qi swhoisd
Name: swhoisd                      Relocations: /
Version: 2.0                               Vendor: Dan E. Anderson
Release: 1                             Build Date: Sat 23 Jun 2001
Install date: Sat 23 Jun 2001 04:45:04 PM PDT      Build Host: dan.drydog.com
Group: Utilities/Network             Source RPM: swhoisd-2.0-1.src.rpm
Size: 42269                            License: distributable
Packager: Dan E. Anderson http://dan.drydog.com/
URL: http://dan.drydog.com/swhoisd/
Summary: Simple WHOIS Daemon for the whois directory service
swhoisd is a simple whois daemon that provides a whois directory service.
It is much simpler to setup and administrator than the other whois
daemons available, such as RIPE whois or the original SRC whois.
This is because it uses a flat-text file over a complex database.
This whois server is recommended only for small databases
(preferably under 100 records and no more than 1000).

This daemon conforms to RFC 834 and uses TCP port 43 (service "whois").

Install this if you know what a whois daemon is and want to set one up.

Based on source code originally developed by Joal Cabral (see COPYRIGHT file).

Dan Anderson <anderson computer org>, San Diego, CA, US

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